Perlindungan hukum terhadap harta benda wakaf sebagai aset publik di kecamatan Wiradesa kabupaten Pekalongan

Achmad Irwan Hamzani, Mukhidin Mukhidin


The treasure of the waqf is a public asset that should be protected by law. Waqf is a legal act that its
implementation must be in accordance with statutory procedures. Mandatory legal act waqf deed pledges
poured in endowments. But in practice there is still a committed implementation of the waqf not
according to legal procedures. Implementation of the waqf is not stated in the Deed of Pledge Waqf as
happened in the district Wiradesa Pekalongan thus has no legal force. Departing from this fact research
is needed to describe the implementation of endowments in the District Wiradesa and formulate legal
safeguards against waqf property as a public asset in the District Wiradesa. This research is a field
research. The approach is sociological, thus falling within the scope of empirical legal research. The
collection of data through observation and interviews. Data were analyzed using the model of induction-
interpretation. The results showed that the waqf property in District Wiradesa many do not have
authentic proof recognized by the law. Necessary legal means to protect the property of the waqf of
potential irregularities.


Protection; Law; Waqf; Public asset

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