Implementasi prinsip akuntabilitas dalam manajemen wakaf produktif: studi kasus rumah sakit Islam kota Magelang

Nurodin Usman


This study describes the implementation of the principle of accountability in the management of
productive waqf in the form of Islamic Hospital in Magelang City. The results showed that Islamic
Hospital is a core business managed by waqf institutions and has experienced significant developments
with a marked number of users is increasing. The principle of accountability on the Rumah Sakit Islam
(Islamic Hospital) Kota Magelang implemented by the Board of Supervisors to supervise routinely
based on a report prepared by the Director of RSI. Implementation of this principle on endowments
institutions is expected to increase the confidence of stakeholders. For the future, supervision through
an external audit needs to be programmed to improve accountability and public trust.


Accountability; Productive waqf; Islamic foundation


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