Reformasi hukum keluarga di dunia Muslim

Ahmad Bunyan Wahib


This article discusses about the history and the development of family law reform in Muslim countries.
This work has taken a lot benefits from Anderson’s works on Islamic law in the Muslim world for both
data and perspective. Islamic family law reform started from the second decade of twentieth century
(1915) with the issuance of two Ottoman Caliph decrees on wife rights to ask religious court to divorce
them from their husband. This reform was followed by Sudan (starting from 1916), Egypt (1920),
Jordan (1951), Syria (1953), Tunisia (1956/1959), Morocco (1958), Iraq (1959), Pakistan (1961) and Iran
(1967). The reformation aims to administrate the members of community in the filed of social,
economy, politics, and law. From the perspective of modernization, Islamic family law reform in
Muslim countries has shown the process of modernization from above.


Islamic family law reform; Modernization from above; Muslim countries; Government

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