Reformulasi ijtihad dalam pembaruan hukum Islam menuju hukum nasional: Ikhtiar metodologis A. Qadri Azizy mentransformasikan fikih Timur Tengah ke Indonesia

Warkum Sumitro, Fiqh Vredian Aulia Ali


This study is an elaboration of creative minds of A. Qodry Azizy about reformulation of ijtihad that
was developed through reformation of “ mazhab” and an eclecticism of national law. Researchers used
a qualitative research with a research library approach through technical documentation. An offering of
reformulation of ijtihad of A. Qodri Azizy motivated by social and academical anxiety about the
entity of life after reformation and the probability of social changes with the momentum of GBHN1999.
Therefore, it is neccesarily a Guidelines about formulations on” fiqh” which is suitable by the context
of Indonesian. He started on the concerns of intention, an inner attitude and academical confidence in
application of Islamic law through the agenda of reformation on “mazhab” and positivization of
Islamic law within the framework of development of national laws.


Ijtihad; A. Qodri Azizy; Islamic Law; National law.

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