Islam dan HAM: perdebatan mencari titik temu

Ngainun Naim


The purpose of this article is explain about how to find common ground between Islam and human
rights. Islam and human rights have a common ground in the value equation, freedom, justice and
another fundamental values. However, there are also many differences. Such differences spawned a
variety of attitudes among Moslems. Attempt to find common ground more productive than searching
for a point difference. The writer presented data from the experts within the framework of study this
issue. Such data are presented in other to find common ground of Islam and human rights. Results of
the study mentions that much more common ground than differences. Point difference is not to be
avoided, but reconstructed in the framework of searching for common ground. Through this way,
Islam has conformance with the dynamics and development of the times.


Islam; Human rights; Common ground, Islamic council

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