Asimetri informasi dalam transaksi perbankan syariah di Indonesia

Slamet Haryono


This study employs the assymmetric information in the Indonesian shariah banking. Assymmetric
information in the banking sector contains: moral hazard, adverse selection. Moral hazard is a situation
in which one agent decides on how much risk to take, while another agent bears (parts of) the negative
consequences of risky choices. The uncertainty surrounding any bank decisions. The market does not
get information about the riskiness of a bank. Asymmetric information problems exist in the bank loan
market. Depositors cannot distinguish the risk, they deposit their funds in those banks that offer the
highest rates and make the most risky investments. Our result points towards regulator to enhancing
transparency may be useful to reduce incentives for excessive assymmetric information of sharia banking.


Sharia; Banking; Assymmetric; Information

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