Aplikasi ayat-ayat bisnis dalam al-Qur’an pada pesantren enterpreneur: studi kasus di Pondok Pesantren Sidogiri Pasuruan

Moh. Toriquddin


This research discusses the application of Quran verses of business in Sidogiri boarding school, Pasuruan.
It is aimed at explaining how verses of business in the Holy Quran are applied in the business of
Sidogiri boarding school, Pasuruan. Qualitative research is applied. Data are analyzed through thematic
interpretation. The study shows that the application of verses of business in the Quran is a form of
worship. Professionalism and ethic of business in BMT UGT Sidogiri has already been well practiced as
a form of worship which employs legal contract in Islamic law; application of principle of honesty
(shiddiq), communicativeness (tablig), trustworthiness (amanah), and professional (fatanah) in running
business as the manifestation of worship in Allah. Professionalism in business can be known from the
use of justice principle; the absence of additional money from customer, the guarantee of keeping
customer’s privacy, and the modern system of money management which uses e-banking system. Ethic
of business is such particular soft rejection towards customers and good service.


Business; Entrepreneurship; Boarding school; Sidogiri

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18326/ijtihad.v15i2.177-198


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