Meneropong pelaku kawin misyar di Surabaya dari sudut dramaturgi Erving Goffman

Nasiri Nasiri


The research is designed qualitatively, focusing on the aspects that become the background (motives) to
the decision of choosing misyarmarriage among career women in Surabaya. Reseach results show: First,
the model of misyar marriage is to give a solution to busy women who have no time to think about
marriage. In the midst of their busy life, these women can enjoy marriage, because in this marriage
husband and wife do not have to live in the same house. Therefore, the wife can do her normal activities
like before she is married, so can the husband. Secondly, it can be inferred from the practice of misyarmarrige
in Surabaya in the perpective of Dramaturgy theory that the average actors of misyarmarriage are middleto-
upper class women, both n terms of education economy. They are smart and active in simultaneously
playing two roles. On the one hand, ther are just single women at home, but married women
when staying in a hotel or motel. However on the other hand, in a quiet place or in bed, they are married
women, but when they do their activities or even mingle with single women, they will admit to be single
as well.


Marriage; Misya>r; Dramaturgi; Saki>nah

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