Distribusi zakat di Indonesia: antara sentralisasi dan desentralisasi

Aden Rosadi, Mohamad Anton Athoillah


The problem of poverty that be falls in the muslim communities is influenced by the systems used in
the distribution of zakah funds. Each system used has some advantages and disadvantages in accordance
with the priority issues to be resolved. If the priority is to reduce poverty, then decentralization is
the best choice of either of these options. This paper would like to reiterate the importance of decentralized
distribution of charity funds so that funds raised by an area will be returned to the area and the
problems of poverty faced from which the funds collected will soon be resolved.


Zakah; Decentralization; Poverty; Distributive justice

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18326/ijtihad.v15i2.237-256


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