Penjualan on-line berbasis media sosial dalam perspektif ekonomi Islam

M. Nur Riyanto Al-Arif


Contemporary transactions along with the development of existing technologies have given rise to other forms of trading i.e. on-line trading. This paper aims to look at how the Islamic economic perspectives associated with on-line trading. The method used in this paper was library research. On-line trading had fulfilled the shariah principle, i.e. al-aqid, s}i>ghah, al-ma’qu>d alaih and the goal of the transaction. The transaction models that can be adopt in trading on line are bay’ al-mura>bah}ah and bay’ al-sala>m. Trading online had several advantage for buyer and seller, but trading on-line also had several problems. So, we must to had a strategy to minimize the various problems that may arise.


On-line trading; Aqad principle; Bay’ al-murabahah; Bay’ al-salam

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